Industrial Controls Group specializes in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Industrial Controls can provide both construction and maintenance services, on an hourly or lump sum basis. Our areas of expertise include instrumentation, process control, electrical power and control systems. Our base of employees has a vast amount of experience and skill sets that overlaps in many related industries. This experience helps our company bring new and fresh ideas to our customers, this out of the box approach helps us prove that we bring and adding additional value to whatever project and or problem is set in front of us. Industrial Controls commitment to quality is unsurpassed. All work is carried out with the utmost in professionalism, integrity and respect.

Industrial Controls business is focused on process control and instrumentation. Industrial Controls provides technicians in many sectors including oil, gas processing, refining, cogeneration, mining and food and beverage. Whether it’s maintenance activities, calibration or new construction, Industrial Controls technicians are highly skilled and can deliver superior results.

Knowledge and experience are critical to the success of any job. The complexities often inherent in industrial applications leave absolutely no room for miscalculation. Therefore, it is vital to use a company that understands the importance of detail.


The broad range of our knowledge and experience enable us to respond to the particular needs of each client, regardless of job size in the most effective way. We are constantly adapting to the ever-changing regulatory environment. Industrial Controls strives to be at the forefront of the systems, and technologies that are required to make these facilities run efficiently. We are capable of making the fast changes that are often required to the operation of a facility, shifts on project schedules, cost considerations and the never ending quest to be the best.