In today’s competitive environment, it is essential that a facility operates at its maximum efficiency in order to run a successful operation. As a result, the ultimate success of a facility rests on excellence in operations and maintenance achieved through effective preventative and predictive maintenance programs.  Industrial Controls  would like to assist by offering a complete facilities maintenance services to provide a combination of on-call or ongoing service work by highly skilled technicians that are trained and driven to keep your operation on-line. This attitude does not change regardless of the facilities size either big or small.

Industrial Controls, located in Bakersfield, California is a licensed full-service electrical and instrumentation corporation. We have and do serve a wide variety of industries that do include:

• Refining and Petrochemicals

• Refinery expansion and turn-around support

• Mining and Manufacturing

• Power and Cogeneration

• Oil and Gas Production and Processing

• Water and Waste Water Treatment

• Pipeline service

• Overhead Power Line

• High-pressure storage and alarm systems

• Evaporators & Distilleries

• Dryers and Dehydration

• Food Processing

• Beverage Bottling Lines