Industrial Controls see industrial services as the completion of the system. This is the back bone of the facility, it ensures the plant can continue to operate by maintaining a path to the instrumentation and controllers. So it is also of our concern to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair any system or component of an electrical distribution, motor control, and variable speed drive. We also will continue install high- and low-voltage switchgears, high-voltage cables and any assortment of cable trays. These are powerful systems that all combine to form a means of control for a facility, thus they will deliver maximum productivity profitability when all of the systems are functioning properly.

We have been known to team up with other sought out specialty companies and engineering firms to bring together more larger and complex applications to completion.

As a systems integrator we can maintain your legacy plc system and provide a path forward to a more economical one when the time arises.

Industrial Controls comprehensive industrial electrical services:

• Complete Electrical Distribution Systems

• Low & medium voltage electrical construction

• Cable and Cable Tray Installations

• High and Low Voltage Switchgear

• Motor Control and Variable Speed Drive Systems

• Complete Conduit and Wire Services

• Large Conduit, Overhead and Underground

• Explosion Proof Systems

• Industrial Lighting Systems

• Hardwired, fiber, and RF communication networks

• Control panel fabrication

• Installation of control systems

• Project Services

• Grounding and Cathodic Protection Systems

• Medium Voltage Substations

• Medium Voltage Distribution Systems

• Fiber Optic Cable Installation, Termination and Testing

• Emergency Power Generation Systems

• Yearly Maintenance Services

• Electrical Distribution Equipment Testing and


• Systems Troubleshooting

• Start-up and Testing Services

• Electrical Safety Inspections