Industrial Controls strives for a Zero Incident Rate.  The employees of Industrial Controls are our most valuable asset and no phase of business is of greater importance than their personal safety.  We base this conviction on the basic principal that all accidents are preventable and safety is the responsibility of every employee all of the time.


Industrial Controls makes every effort to provide a safe work environment for all employees by providing a comprehensive safety program, including:


• Job specific safety training Extensive

  safety information

• Developing production procedures with

  safety as a focus

• Ensuring availability of proper tools and

  equipment that promote safer work


• Working with our Joint Training Programs

  to provide our employees with the highest

  level of safe work procedures


Industrial Controls Safety Program is managed at all levels.  The Safety Administrator is responsible for Safety & Loss Control, on a full-time basis.  Each Foreman has the day-to-day responsibility to ensure Industrial Controls Safety Program is followed.  The division Manager and Project Managers are assigned the responsibility of ensuring that all safety equipment and safe work practices are employed on each and every job and every employee is expected to assume personal responsibility for working safely.